Lobbyist Registry Reporting Templates

1. Lobbyist Registration Template

If you or a member of your faculty or staff is currently lobbying or intends to lobby next month, add the name to UBC’s list by filling out the Lobbyist Registration Template.

If you, your faculty or staff member no longer intend to lobby, or if a faculty or staff member is no longer employed at UBC, please fill in the same template to remove a name.

Filling out the Lobbyist Registration Template

Download the Lobbyist Registration Template (Word Doc)

Please fill out only one form per lobbyist.

Section A: Lobbyist

Please check the appropriate box to indicate whether the faculty/staff member will be added to or removed from the Lobbyist Registry.

Please fill out the name of the Faculty or Office employing this lobbyist, his/her name, and his/her official position title.

Section B: Federal Public Offices Held

Any position ever held with the federal government (including as student co-op, internship, etc.) must be registered.

Please fill out the Position Title, Federal Government Institution, and Branch or Unit for each federal public office held. Fill out when those positions were held, indicating month and year. If the lobbyist cannot remember the exact months, please type “I don’t remember”. The year must be entered.

If you require more space to itemize past positions, please append those in the email when you submit your template.

If any of those positions were that of a Designated Public Office Holder (DPOH) on or after July 2, 2008, please check the following box, and enter the last day that position was held. You must also check the next box if that position was held through an employment exchange program.

If the lobbyist has been identified by the Prime Minister as having carried out the functions of a transition team member on or after January 24, 2006, please check the next box, and enter the month and year that position was held.

If the lobbyist has been granted exemption from the five-year prohibition on lobbying, please provide the exemption number received from the Commissioner of Lobbying.

Section C. Subject Matters

Please check all of the areas where the lobbyist has been or will be involved in lobbying.


2. Monthly Return (Communications Entry) Template

Monthly filings are required reporting lobbying communications held verbally between a lobbyist and a DPOH having been arranged in advance between them. It is clear that written communications with DPOHs do not need to be reported.

Filling out the Monthly Return (Communications Entry) Template

Download the Monthly Return Template (Excel Spreadsheet)

At the top of the template, please fill out the Faculty/Office for whom you are reporting. Each Faculty/Office must submit one Monthly Return (Community Entries) Template representing all registerable activities (lobbying) in that Faculty/Office.

In the designated box, please note the Reporting Month this submission covers.

Please fill out the name of the individual signing off on the completed template.

If no communication occurred during the month, please send a return noting no communications.

Date of Communication

This is the date that the communication (meeting or phone call) actually occurred.

UBC Faculty/Staff

Please note the last name, and first name of the lobbyist carrying out the communication, and his/her respective Faculty/Office.

Designated Public Office Holder (DPOH)

Please fill in the last name, and first name of the DPOH contacted in the communication. List the DPOH’s Branch/Unit and select the Federal Institution from the drop box provided in the cell. If you do not find the appropriate Federal Institution on this list, make a separate note in the email you send.

Please list all DPOHs that have attended your meeting.


Select the most appropriate subject discussed from the drop box provided in the cell. If you do not find the appropriate subject in the drop box provided, please make a separate note in the email you send. If more than one subject applies to that particular communication, please fill out a new row and select the additional subject in that row from the drop box.

Program/Project Name

In this column, please provide details about the changes you are advocating in the legislation, policy, program or project being discussed.

The Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying has provided these examples:

  • Indian Affairs Post-Secondary Education Program for the Inuit population of Nunavut
  • Amendments to the Small Vessel Regulations in respect of pleasure crafts
  • Bill C-30, Clean Air Act in respect of quotas for greenhouse gases

Funding Sought or Secured

In this column, place details about the funding being requested, its intended use, and the government institution from which it is requested.

(Communications in regard to peer reviewed grants do not need to be disclosed.)

The Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying has provided this example:

  • Obtain contributions from the Correctional Service of Canada for the construction of a new Community Residential Centre for federal offenders.

3. Submitting the Completed Template

On the first of every month, please send both completed templates in one email to lobbyist.registry@ubc.ca. Please fill out the Subject Line with your Faculty/Office name, followed by the month and year.

For example: Applied Science, December 2012.